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Plenary talks

Andreas Bohn Multi-level modeling of the stochastic spatio-temporal dynamics of phototrophic biofilms. abstract
Carlos Braumann On optimization issues in livestock production: consequences of environmental stochasticity. abstract
Bernard Cazelles Nonlinear dynamics at work in population biology. abstract
Carlos DaCamara Understanding present fire regimes to anticipate future scenarios. abstract
Philip Gerrish Predicting evolution: Fisher, Price, and beyond. abstract
Gregory P. King Signatures of upscale and downscale energy cascades over the equatorial Pacific. abstract
Bob Kooi Complex dynamics and its regulation in a predator-prey model with predator suffering from an infectious disease. abstract
Horst Malchow Predative and competitive spatial invasion of a variable environment. abstract
Berhard Quatember Accurate Method for a Quantitative Assessment of the Regional Heart Wall Motion and its Serviceability to Clinical Studies. abstract
Nico Stollenwerk The interplay between nonlinearity and noise in epidemiological systems. abstract
Ezio Venturino Assessing the vaccination impact on the dynamics of chickenpox and zoster. abstract

Contributed talks

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